Help me win this awesome competition from Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox GIVEAWAY!

There is an amazing contest going on where you could win over $100 in Skinny Teatox gift packs! These are a great way to naturally de-bloat, detox, and lose a little weight too. This doesn’t involve a crazy meal plan or work out plan (although you obvious want to be eating clean and working out for maximum health benefits). All you need to do is drink tea!

I just ordered my first 14-day teatox and this adorable loose leaf tea filter and I can’t wait to start:

Visit to learn more!

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Frozach Submitted

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the derp is out there

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Black Footed Cat (Kitten) by Asten on Flickr.


Black Footed Cat (Kitten) by Asten on Flickr.


I cannot breathe where did all the air go

Oh hi there shoes

Oh hi there shoes

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 Kansas City Public Library, Missouri. The building was designed by Dimensional Innovations. Local residents selected the titles of the books that are displayed on the bookshelf.

I STILL need to go see this sometime!

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